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Discussion - EVE / Live traking on EVE4
« on: January 26, 2023, 12:47:54 PM »
Hi there, im working on the development process of a respirator and im using a Riverdi RVT70HSBFWCA0, that has a BT817Q in it.
I've hit a bump in showing live data on the display, im not really sure how to solve and i was hoping to get some help.

To start off, i cant seem to find any widget or tool to display an external value on real time on the screen (Im using EVE Screen Designer 4.8 RC2).
I can show the number of the external value (using numeric label), or at least emulated it, but im finding trouble on displaying it like a continous line on a graph, (kind of like a heartrate monitor).
I tried with the sketch widget and the image widget, tried to mix them with a clock to get a continuous line on a window that refreshes, but i cant seem to get it working.
Has anyone done something similar? Displaying real time changes on a "function" type of display, where X would be time and Y would be the external value im getting trough the STM32?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for any spelling errors, not my native language.

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