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Hello all - hope everyone is doing well,

On the MM900EV1B board, what is the position of the

   J2 connector (dual-entry SPI master)

relative to the

   CN3 connector (40-pin external I/O) ?

For example, J2 pin 1 relative to CN3 pin 1 or 27 or each
relative to the origin marker on page 6 of the MM900EVxB
Datasheet v1.0.

Thanks in advance.

Discussion - MCU / MM900EVxB I2C eeprom question / datasheet readability
« on: February 22, 2019, 07:23:53 PM »

I'm attempting to port 24C1024 I2C eeprom code to the MM900EV1B (FT900Q rev C) board from the LITE board (rev B) but after getting unexpected read behavior realized that U6 is on the I2C1 bus but appears to not have any address pins.  The part number is largely unreadable on page 12 of BRT_00021 (MM900EVxB Datasheet Version 1.0) but might be a 24AA02.  Microchip's docs for this part number don't come right out with it while ON Semi's says "In  contrast  to  the  CAT24C01/24C02,  the  CAT24AA01/24AA02 have  no  external  address  pins,  and  are  therefore  suitable  in applications that require a single CAT24AA01/02 on the I2C bus."

1) is U6 a 24AA02 part (and what is it's full part number please) used on the MM900EVxB boards
2) is there some way to use an additional I2C EEPROM with any of the MM900EVxB boards that I'm overlooking?

1) I notice a number of the FTDI and BridgeTek docs appear to have overly compressed images for schematics in particular.  Is it possible to get higher-resolution copies and if so how or if not would you please consider settings which improve the readability.

Thanks in advance,

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