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Discussion - EVE / Button press/release vs. holding example
« on: August 09, 2021, 08:38:29 AM »
Hi Bridgetek Community,
I am using BT815 module (capacitance touch display).  I am successfully creating page with buttons, but I can't figure out how to distinguish between the button press and release vs. holding for certain number of milliseconds.
Is there any app note or suggestion where I can find more information for implementation of the button is press or hold?
Thank you so much for your helps.

Discussion - EVE / EVE Screen Editor V4.0.0 not smooth image conveter
« on: March 10, 2021, 12:54:40 AM »
Hi all,
I hope you guys are well. 

I am  with EVE Screen Editor and EVE Asset builder, there are part number I can’t associate with and couldn’t find in the data sheet or the app note.

For example:
I am using EVE3x-43G-IPS-BLH-TPC-F128-HAP
And using the EVE2-USB2SPI-KIT-A board to work with ESE or EAB.

In the screen editor in the export EVE_HAL2
there are two items:

And I don't think these 2 associate with my module.

In the Project section, I set BT815, WQVGA(480x272) and one field is filled it with MX25L128(16MiB).
The problem is during I view the image using BTXX Emulator(BT8XXEMU_1), the image is great, but when I connected and Upload RAM and Coprocessor, the image is seems losing data so the image is not smooth and showed all the grid lines.

1. Where can I find all the related information of


2. What do I do to improve the image so it is the same as emulator?

Discussion - EVE / Re: EVE Asset Builder
« on: March 09, 2021, 06:51:58 PM »
Hi BRT Community or Rudolph,
I found only you 2 are active on this thread so may I address both of you?
I am trying EAB version 2.10 and follow the document release on 12/17/2020.  The information on the steps are very generic.  I am looking for the simple examples of select images and load in my module using USB2SPI adapter board, but when I follow the document, my image is just the distorted in one corner image.
I tested the module is working perfectly fine with the source image when I am using EVEBitmapViewer tool.
I am using EVE3-43G module together with USB2SPI board.
Anything you can point to me to get the example how to use EAB for the image conversion and flashing to the module is very appriciated.

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