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BRT Community:

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of EVE Asset Builder 1.6.0, this will be available on shortly but for now the installer can be downloaded from the following:

The release note below lists the updates since the last public release (1.4.0):

    - Fix bugs:
      + flash detection fails but program succeeds
    - Improve the session functionality in EAB
    - Add the keyboard shortcut for changing the order in flash image generator
    - Add shortcut key for deleting item in list widget
    - Add one "Clear" button for log panel
    - Add one warning window to prompt user for "Data Alignment" of EAB
    - Add a question mark to explain the hardware configuration of flash programmer
    - Show glyph information in different place

    - Fix bugs:
      + Some characters disappears from glyph if the code point mode is "utf-8"
      + Typo on code point mode drop-down box of font conversion utility
    - Add alignment option in flash image generation utility
    - Add a question mark to give the hint for code point mode of font conversion utility
    - Force 64-byte alignment for Flash address of Glyph file
    - Unknown freetype error when converting the symbola font file
    - Provide more information while previewing the input font file
    - Provide more information on the result panel of font conversion utility
    - Add bmp file support in Image conversion and Animation conversion
    - The compression for LUT file of paletted format in Image conversion utility shall be disabled
    - Add more information on compression mode in image conversion utility
    - Add the support of compression output in PNG2DXT1
    - Improve the flash utility in EAB
    - Improve the sample code for flash utility
    - Add some description about re-ordering assets in flash image generator
    - Add more information for "compressed" option of image conversion utility
    - Improvement on result window of image conversion utility: File size and full extension name
    - Add a bmp file under 'assets for test' folder of installation path
    - Add a section in user guide to list down the flash programmer modules

Best Regards,
BRT Community

I un-installed the older EAB and also removed the directory for it to make the installation of 1.6.0 as clean as possible.
First observation, EAB installs to C:\Users\Public\Documents\EVE Asset Builder now.

Flash Programmer:
The "Detect" button works now from the GUI, including "Measure Writing Speed".
After detect is finished it immediately switches over to "PROGRAM" though so you only have a second to read the result of the reading speed analyses.
There is a "BACK" button to get back to the detection results which works fine.
But I would prefer to select "PROGRAM" myself.
Annother issue is, when you use "DETECT", "BACK", "PROGRAM" and then "BACK" again, the results of the "DETECT" are gone.

For Progflash.exe the "detect" option is still undocumented and has been changed from the last version.
It requires an additional parameter now, "all" or "except_writing":
ProgFlash_1_6 MPSSE detect except_writing

In "PROGAM" we still do not have an option to verify the contect of the flash against a given file.
Instead we have "UPDATE&VERIFY" now which works just fine but is not the same thing.
The new version of Progflash.exe also does not have this option, or at least "Progflash module MPSSE verify flash.bin" does not do anything while "ProgFlash module MPSSE write flash.bin verify" and "ProgFlash module MPSSE update flash.bin verify" do work.
Can we please also have a non-destructive verify only option?

"ERASE" works a lot better now, it actively switches the FLASH to BASIC mode now if it is in FAST mode.
So I can erase the chips from the Adesto with EAB now but they still do not work with the provided unified.blob.

Annother observation, the commands used to play the logo animation at the end and they do not do this anymore.
I consider this to be a good thing since at least the two USB interfaces I have could not supply a larger panel since both only have a single 3.3V linear regulator on them.
However, all commands still end up to configure the BT81x to display an empty display list with a black screen and activated backlight at the end.
This is about the worst case possible as an all black screen means the display logic itself will draw the most power while this is not obvious to the user since the panel still is almost black.
I am only using a 4.3" module but the LDO still heats up.
Now take a 7" module that draws around 150mA for the logic alone when all black and 500mA or more or the backlight.
Not only is this beyond what a normal USB port allows, this means the LDO on the UBS/SPI interface needs to dissipate 1.1W of excess power.
And now consider that the near future will bringt 10" modules that will draw more power for the backlight and the logic.

Please do at least deactivate the backlight or even better also leave the panel logic in limbo set PCLK to zero.

Off to more testing...

The first thing I noticed is that after doing a "DETECT" with "Measure Writing Speed" checked, all sorts of interesting stuff is pushed into the log up in the log (nice) but as soon as the detect is done, it flips to the next PROGRAM page, immediately hiding the result.

If you press "BACK" the log is cleared so you cannot select and copy the text.

Granted all the good information is displayed when you click "BACK", but it cannot be selected to copy.

Proposed solution: If "Measure Writing Speed" is checked, and DETECT is clicked, do not clear the log or automatically flip to the PROGRAM screen.

Some other "Quality of Life" enhancements:

1) Make the MSPSSE / FT4222 keep its setting across sessions. It makes me nervous _every_time_ the detect fails . . . .
2) After using the "Generate Flash Image" tab successfully, propagate that file to the "Flash Programmer" tab.
3) In general, default the folder paths to the last ones used.

BRT Community Admin:

The development team are currently working on a new version of the EVE Asset Builder.

As soon as it is ready we will post it here.

best regards

BRT Community


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