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Connecting Cleo Camera directly to Arduino Mega


Is there any possibility to connect Cleo Camera directly to the Arduino Mega. I have to mention that I have a connector between those two, so the absence of FFC slot on Arduino is not a problem.

BRT Community:

We only have examples of using it with CleO or FT90x series MCUs and so we could not guarantee that it would work or provide software libraries. However, some users on the web have managed to get similar camera modules working with Arduino and so you may be able to find some examples on-line. This module uses the OV5640 camera.

The FT900 - FT903 have a specific parallel camera interface which makes it easier to add cameras like this and so you may also consider this MCU.    Note that the FT900-FT903 come with a different camera model and so some hardware modifications are needed to the MM900EV boards and these can be found in this document

Best Regards, BRT Community


Thank you, for your suggestion.


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