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MM900EV1B dimensions - relative board X/Y of J2 from CN3


Hello all - hope everyone is doing well,

On the MM900EV1B board, what is the position of the

   J2 connector (dual-entry SPI master)

relative to the

   CN3 connector (40-pin external I/O) ?

For example, J2 pin 1 relative to CN3 pin 1 or 27 or each
relative to the origin marker on page 6 of the MM900EVxB
Datasheet v1.0.

Thanks in advance.

BRT Community:

Here are the measurements taken using Altium Designer:

CN3 Pin1 (topside)
X = 3.37mm
Y = 3.9mm

J2 Pin1 (bottomside)
X = 36.375mm
Y = 76.43mm

We can also supply a 3D step model of the board which will allow you to take you own measurements.
If you would like this, please contact us via email.

Best Regards,
BRT Community

Thanks very much.  I'll follow-up by e-mail;  having a step model would be useful as well. (update - e-mailed the address.)


BRT Community:

OK we have received your email and will send across the 3D step model of the module.

Best Regards,
BRT Community

Following up to thank you for the support here and by e-mail.

After clarifying my question we ended up using:

X = 33.005 mm
Y = 74.26  mm

as the position of the pin center for J2-1 relative to CN3-1. 

These (unofficial) dimensions worked well for us.

Thanks again,


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