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FT900 - USB HOST API - communication timeout implementation request



i am working on the project, which will use the USB Flash drive connected to the USB HOST port of the FT900 (which is really fantastic and powerful IC). With the current version of the FT9xx Toolchain V.2.5.0 everything works as expected but there is a flaw in the USB HOST / BOMS API.

1) when the connected USB Flash drive goes bad - is somehow corrupted, the BOMS API calls wait indefinitely for the drive to respond. This eventually blocks the firmware from normal operation until such corrupted USB Flash drive is unplugged. Judging from the Toolchain source codes, the USB HOST / BOMS API somehow consider timeouts on most places, but some calls still use an infinite wait times. It would be nice to have full control over USB HOST / BOMS API timeout - to be user configurable.

2) there is defined function USBH_finalise (to: Release any resources associated with the USB driver and disable the hardware) but the function have no body. So there is no way to safely shutdown and release resources of the USB Host layer.

So my question is, do you planning to implement above mentioned behavior in the future release of the FT9xx Toolchain?

best regards
Tomas Kopriva

BRT Community:
Hello Thomas,

Thanks for your feedback. I can send the details to our R&D team for potential inclusion in future toolchain releases.
If you send us an email then I can keep you updated with their response.

However, I wanted to make you aware of a method you can use to make changes yourself, since the API source code is available to you.

See BRT_TN_002 Modifying FT9xx API Functions.

The finalise routine doesn't really need to be implemented as there's no releasable software resources.
It could potentially disable interrupts or reset some active hardware registers.

Best Regards
BRT Community


thank you for your response and suggestions! The application note from your reply provide clear explanation, how to use and modify the toolchain sources.

best regards
Tomas Kopriva


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