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Author Topic: EVE code library  (Read 4176 times)


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EVE code library
« on: August 06, 2019, 09:51:53 PM »

Looks like this is the place to put something like this, I have a code Library up on Github for a while now:

Despite the name it supports BT81x as well.
I just finished a project for which I replaced a defective VM800B50A with a RVT50AQBNWC00.
This unit was driven by an Arduino mini-pro using the Arduino framework.
And in parallel I was testing the exact same display code on an EVE3-50G using an ATSAMC21E18A board with SPI by DMA.

I just released the first interation of V5 of my code library:
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Re: EVE code library
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2020, 05:55:13 PM »

Hmm, push, just editing does not do anything to make this visible.

V5 is somewhat of a pre-release, I originally planned to release it following the release of BT817/BT818.
But things went very well and my optimisations had more effect than I anticipated.
I only removed everything I had implemented for BT817/BT818.

This is what it looks like to build the same small display list on a Cortex-M0+ with 48MHz:

TFT_display() with DMA: 129µs
prog-size: 15436
TFT_display() without DMA: 360µs
prog-size: 15276

TFT_display() with DMA: 51µs
prog-size: 12524
TFT_display() without DMA: 324µs
prog-size: 13420

And this is my example code running on an Arduino UNO clone with Mega328 and 16MHz.

TFT_display(): 664µs
prog-size: 12272

TFT_display(): 520µs
prog-size: 10322


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Re: EVE code library
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2020, 05:11:41 PM »

Following the official release of BT817 / BT818 with datasheet and programming manual I just pushed the first release of my code library to Github with support for BT817 / BT818.

There may be some kinks left as I did not have the programming manual before and was using a preliminary version of the datasheet, but in general it works.